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Writing Circles Thursdays, 4pm CET

Explore, Discover Hidden Treasures, Play with Words.

Course Summary

Rewrite the stories that no longer serve you, and create compelling visions for a bright future.

75 minutes - 4 to 5 exercises per session around a given topic.

You write in whatever language you fancy.

Various creativity techniques: automatic writing, journalling, making lists, brainstorm (on your own), vision work, creative writing.

Course Curriculum

Patty Muffins

Patty Muffins is Mary Poppins’ younger cousin. Quite contrary to Mary she is not so perfect in many ways. She fosters her childlike sense of wonder and leads her life according to the motto “ponder less – play more”.

When she’s not baking muffins, eating high-quality dark chocolate or enjoying herself outdoors she’s on a mission to empower other bright adults to love themselves for who they are - not how they perform.

Sylvie Fracchia

Coach for BodyMovePilates

"Patty managed to give us the freedom of writing like no one was watching. I surprised myself with hidden thoughts I was not aware of. I loved the spirit of writing in my own home - together with other women online.

I'm so much looking forward to the next session, next month. Thank you Patty for you kind guidance."

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