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Let Me Guess...

You have wondered at times how comes that you landed on planet Earth...???

Already at a very young age, you started to ponder about the big questions:

Why are we here ?

Why is there so much violence and cruelty in the world?
How can someone be so mean?
Why suffer so many children from hunger?
Where do we come from?
Why do I feel so different?
What makes us human?

As a teenager you may have wondered:

What are they talking about?

Why is there no one who shares my enthusiasm for Hermann Hesse's prose (or Greek mythology or feminist theory)?

How can a group of peers be so mean to someone who they judge to be 'different'?

Why do people start wars?

How can I contribute to make this world a better place?

And Today?

You still ask many questions ... and haven't found satisfactory answers to most of the ones above... (right?)

My Vision & Values - What We Can Do

The Galaxy Is Vast - And Each of Us Wants to Belong

Patricia has felt like an alien, alone, misunderstood, not seen and utterly puzzled about many things for a long time.

Since she hasn't found an ecological niche that fits her uncommon needs and would support her in an environment to fulfill her aspirations she decided to create The SPACE Sorority - a Special Space for Women "like her".

She calls them SPACE Sisters.

Would you fancy joint learning, exploring and peer support with and from other not very common Bright Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals?



Patricia's Story

Once upon a time, in a tiny country that is known for Heidi, chocolate and top quality watches, there lived a young woman who wanted to contribute to make this world a better place. The big question was how?

As a girl, she found solace and refuge in books and movies, where she met her "best friends“ and role models like Pippi Longstocking, Mary Poppins and Mr Spock.

There was no one in real life to teach her that - and how - her ways of perceiving, processing external stimuli, thinking and feeling were quite different from most people around her. So she used her smarts to blend into her environment.  

Little by little she started to loose her playfulness and dimmed her light, doubting herself and her capacities. Getting great in being the Good Girl, the Perfect Pupil, getting used to adjust herself like a chameleon.

Her self-knitted straight jackets fit so well that she lost awareness she was wearing them.

Her high standards and high work ethics made her loose track of putting her own needs first and making time for her own wellbeing before trying to alleviate the suffering of others.

Fortunately, this is not the end of the story.

The Turning Point

In 2015, while reading the book The Highly Sensitive Person she stumbled across a concept that made her think (Women like us love to learn and love to think, right?) ... and started to delve into this topic.

And it started to dawn on her that, in fact, she was not 
an alien, 
an ugly duckling, 
a princess and the pea. 

She was neither an impostor nor an arrogant know-it-all.

She was simply ... >>> read on

A New Adventure

Now Patricia is on a mission to empower other women "like her" to do their best work & flourish.

How? She has founded the SPACE Sorority where she teaches the
Two Keys to Unlock Your Potential:

1    Know Yourself - Only if your really understand how your are extra intelligent (intellectually, emotionally, socially) you will be efficient & effective in different environments and various contexts.

2   Prioritize Your Own Power - Once you respect your uncommon needs & play to your unique strengths you can set boundaries and say no without feeling guilty or exhausting yourself and focus on the activities that bring you joy, energy, and meaning.

Are You of that Ilk?

SPACE Sisters are women with a special set of qualities.

They are 
Smart, Purpose-driven, Analytical, Curious, Ethical
and rather sober minded (sensible & rational).

They are not spaced out, nor aliens from outer space (even if at times they may have felt like such).

They are maybe a little spacy (dreamy, extravagant) at times.

If your aspiration is to touch people's life for the better through your work and how you interact with others...

Patricia Mauerhofer

Founder, Guide & Facilitator

Patricia Mauerhofer is a Swiss teacher, writer and coach. She uses her fast-paced brain, big heart and intuition to empower bright women like you to do their best work and master time.

Combining professional experiences in communication, project management and public health with scientific research around effective time management, goal achievement, resilience, and happiness she supports you to harness your sensitivities and play to your strengths.

Joy & Meaning

Patricia teaches how to love what you do and do what you love, often. She loves mountains (skiing & hiking), spending time outdoors, pottering around her flower garden or going for walks.

During her studies, in the early 1990's, the wrote a paper on Global Ecology & our gylanic past (matrilinear societies). She has stayed interested in ecological, feminist and post-growth theories and transformative approaches ever since.

She adores to play the piano and is exuberantly happy to have found a teacher who showed her how to improvise (at the age of 50). She paints, draws, knits and - of course - loves to read, usually one novel and 5 - 8 non-fiction books at the time.

Patricia is happily married for the second time and a stepmom of four bright adults, but she never shares pictures of her family on social media.

PS: In case you heard the rumour ... yes, she does eat a few pieces of dark (70% or more) top quality Swiss chocolate every single day.

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