The SPACE Sorority

A special SPACE for Bright Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals

The Galaxy Is Vast - Yet You Are Not Alone

Would you fancy joint learning, exploring and peer support with and from other not very common Bright Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals?

Are You Of That Ilk ?

SPACE Sisters are women with a special set of qualities.

They are rather sober minded (sensible & rational).

They are not spaced out, nor aliens from outer space (even if at times they may have felt like such).

They are maybe a little spacy (dreamy, extravagant) at times.

SPACE Sisters are SPACE in three ways:

High IQ / Extra Intelligence

High Emotional & Social Intelligence

"Un peu space"



They may be perceived as what is called in French „un peu space“.

This means that the person is somewhat bizarre or weird (in a way that the person who holds on to this view cannot really name or say what it is that seems "out of sync").

SPACE Sisters aspire to lead by example

✓   They search for meaning and cherish the small joys of life.
✓   They practice an abundance mindset as well as simple living principles.
✓   They reduce their ecological footprint and consume consciously.
✓   They know that wealth and flourishing consists of several dimensions that interact with each other.

The Wheel of Wealth - Patricia Mauerhofer

The Wheel of Wealth

Are You of that Ilk?




Curious & Empathic

What is the SPACE Sorority?


Online co-working space: come together to “eat frogs”, get stuff done and do your best work.

Monthly creative Live Workshops guided by Patricia: writing, visual thinking, painting, and moving.

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Patricia Mauerhofer teaches her signature SPACE Method - a modular process combining scientific evidence and concrete things to try out, implement and explore.

Learn How to Prosper with Poise step by step.

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Be part of an awesome community in a Safe Space with other women "of that ilk".

Ask your peers anything anytime & on the flip side be useful, give feedback and advice (if requested).

Access 24/7

SPACE Sisters are dwelling in Ximension

Ximension is a physical environment as well as a state of mind. 
Spending time in Ximension allows you to experience:
✓   Effortless communication and seamless conversations
✓   Exchanging ideas in multiple channels simultaneously
✓   Embracing your extra intelligence
✓   Normalizing being uncommon or "abnormal"

 « "Working“ with Patricia meant spending time with someone who understood me and my frustrations.    

Patricia has a wealth of knowledge on a large variety of topics. She tests things, shares her research and personal experiences which fostered my courage to keep forging my own path. 

She makes the explorations fun and I appreciate her ability to bring diverse points of view together.

Laura Donnelly
Body-Brain-Business Balance Guide, United States

Is This For You ?

Your main aspiration is to touch people's life for the better through your work and how you interact with others?

You are motivated and determined to contribute to make this world a better and more beautiful place?  

If the answer to these questions is YES, I invite you to meet Patricia - your Guide and Facilitator.

Together we will...

Women like us don't just want to have fun like Cindy Lauper sang in her iconic hit...

We know that perseverance & playfulness are required to achieve our goals.

Yet we also want to experience meaning and connection -
we want to show our True Colours.

Patricia Mauerhofer

Founder, Guide & Facilitator

Patricia Mauerhofer is a Swiss teacher, writer and coach. She uses her fast-paced brain, big heart and intuition to empower bright women like you to do their best work and master time.

Combining professional experiences in communication, project management and public health with scientific research around effective time management, goal achievement, resilience, and happiness she supports you to harness your sensitivities and play to your strengths.

Skill Sets of SPACE Sisters

Are you still wondering if you could belong here? 

There are a few more things you must know about SPACE Sisters.

Most of them juggle many diverse projects, roles & responsibilities or even ways of serving others and making money.
(That's why Patricia teaches specific strategies and tools to Master Time in her SPACE Method.)

Furthermore, these Multifaceted Women have the capacity to create a space (to learn, explore and grow) as leaders, because they:  
✓   have scientific training & expertise in one or more fields,
✓   are polyglott & polyvalent,
✓   are autodidacts in several topics of interest,
✓   are very competent (but may feel like an impostor at times), and
✓   are experienced entrepreneurs & professionals.

They are finally external processing which means that they need to talk with or to someone (mirror effect) to get their thoughts straight, line of arguments structured and can make sound decisions.

How Much is Your Financial Contribution?

Investment for 6 Months

If you are accepted you can choose between two payment options.

Because this community is about showing up, about giving & taking among peers on a non-financial level... 

Patricia wants to get to know you first.

SPACE Sorority Monthly

CHF 99

Per Month

Upfront Full Payment

CHF 494

One Payment

Would You Love to Join the SPACE Sorority?

The community for SPACE Sisters is on invitation only.
It started in November 2023 with a small number of Bright Women.

If you're interested in joining in autumn 2024 contact us to book a call with Patricia and find out together if the SPACE Sorority is a good fit for you.

 « Patricia has an unconventional yet structured approach.

She draws on many influences and readings and uses a wide range of tools according to the situations she is presented with. She knows how to adapt the objectives of the sessions according to the needs of the moment.

It's all about following a path to growth, taking your place and living to the full with your talents and your aspects multi/hyper/...

Olivia Trono
Chief Librarian & Shiatsu practitioner, Switzerland