Co-Working Sessions

The Virtual Co-Working SPACE

Course Summary

 Twice a month we gather online for 120 minutes up to 150 minutes (tbd) to create accountability. You will also profit from the gentle presence of other SPACE Sisters to help you:
+++   "eating frogs" (stop procrastinating on certain tasks and just do them)
+++   stay focused
+++   get better at realistic planning and swift execution
+++   make strategic pauses
+++   (if you like) join together in a short virtual coffee break

Course Curriculum

Patricia Mauerhofer

Patricia holds an M.A. in International Relations and a degree in Media Relations. She is a certified Coach and Project Manager and has worked as a Literary Agent, Translator, Editor, Communication Officer, and Scientific Collaborator.

After reading the book The Highly Sensitive Person and stumbling across the concept of (unidentified) "Gifted Adults" in 2015, she added these two fields of interest to her research areas. Today, she teaches and guides Bright Women to do their best work while flourishing themselves.


Your Guide & Facilitator

Together we are less alone! Staying motivated and on track as a solopreneur can be tough at times. These co-working sessions will help you stay focused and finish what you wanted to tackle. You will also get better in realistic planning and procrastinate less.

Course Pricing

  • Bi-weekly Co-Working
  • 40 CHF

    per month

    120-150' Show up, get stuff done, do your best work

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