The SPACE Method

A modular process for SPACE Women who want to unlock their potential and flourish

Course Summary

Make Space for the Essential, create a compelling vision for a bright future, and make sure you'll make progress on the journey while enjoying the process.

The SPACE Method is taught in 6 consecutive and complementary Modules LIVE by your guide Patricia Mauerhofer.
There will be a live Q&A Session a month where Patricia answers all your questions. Start: October 2023.

You'll have access to the modules and recordings three supplementary months after your last payment.

The monthly modules are part of The SPACE Sorority - a playground and peer support community for bright women entrepreneurs and professionals. (Find more information on the SPACE Sorority at the bottom of this page)

6 Months Course Curriculum

Patricia Mauerhofer

Patricia holds an M.A. in International Relations and a degree in Media Relations. She is a certified Coach and Project Manager and has worked as a Literary Agent, Translator, Editor, Communication Officer, and Scientific Collaborator.

After reading the book The Highly Sensitive Person and stumbling across the concept of (unidentified) "Gifted Adults" in 2015, she added these two fields of interest to her research areas. Today, she teaches and guides Bright Women to do their best work while flourishing themselves.


Your Guide & Facilitator

Together we are less alone! Staying motivated and on track as a solopreneur or bright professional in the sub-optimal environment can be tough at times. That's why I created the SPACE Sorority.

Membership in The SPACE Sorority includes four aspects:

1) The SPACE Method, a step by step system and process to get more productive & effective (and eventually Master Time). At the same time it fosters your resilience, luck and happiness (all these can be learned).

2) Access to the SPACE HUB - a Forum and community space where you can get and give support 24/7.

3) During the monthly Co-Creation Workshops, we will deepen each topic and module in a playful yet powerful way. Theory without implementation (and adaptation to your unique situation) is not what we want...

4) The bi-weekly Co-working Sessions will help you stay focused and finish what you wanted to tackle. You will also get better in realistic planning and procrastinate less.


The Space Sorority for High IQ&EQ Women

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